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Bluegrass Wednesdays - Bluegrass Sweethearts

Wednesday, September 19, 2018
8:00 pm - 11:00 pm

at Foothills Brewpub

Image result for bluegrass sweetheartsCome enjoy the duet of David and Valerie Mayfield, whose style is steeped in old school bluegrass and classic country and newgrass. Tight harmonies, and hold on for some fast picking too!

If you are into the Americana/roots music scene, you probably know David and Valerie Mayfield’s kids. Son David Ray Mayfield leads The David Mayfield Parade. Daughter Jessica Lea Mayfield has 4 acclaimed albums under the belt at age 23. If you’re a little deeper into their music, you probably know that both of the Kent-based siblings began their professional music careers playing with their parents in a touring bluegrass band called One Way Rider they also toured and lived in a old touring bus once belonging to “Bill Monroe”  a 1956 flex, known as (The Bluegrass Breakdown) The parents now perform as a duet, proudly billing themselves as “The Parents of David Ray Mayfield of The David Mayfield Parade & Jessica Lea Mayfield.” Those who like their kids’ music should be curious to hear their parents and see where all that talent came  from. Now they have been names “The Bluegrass Sweethearts”  which is a perfect name for them, they still like to mix some classic country into their act.

Listen The Bluegrass Sweethearts music here.