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Live Music - Collaborative Dreaming

Saturday, July 29, 2017
10:00 pm - 1:00 am

at Foothills Brewpub

Collaborative Dreaming Live at Foothills BrewpubMusicians Travis and Alicia combine their music and their message to co-create an atmosphere of positive change to help inspire people to strive for their highest potential. Their mission is to inspire introspection and self reflection in order to work towards a more peaceful and conscious society working together as a whole. Through their art they hope to cultivate change in others in the way their art has cultivated change in their own lives. Sharing their experiences,insights and exploration of their higher selves through their lyrics and exploring a variety of musical styles with their arrangements and instrumentation, Collaborative Dreaming is sure to touch a wide range of listeners. From soft soulful acoustic music to dancy electronic beats they hope to spread their message to people of all walks of life. Alicia and Travis will often play as a duo, but will also bring along other musicians at times for further collaboration in bringing their dreams into this physical plane of existence.

Collaborative Dreaming is a musical project showcasing the works of Travis Griggs and Alicia Bullard, of Kokoro and Sol Flo.