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Kiwi Strawberry 4-Pack – Little Trees Hemp-Derived Sparkling Water

10mg US-Grown, Hemp-Derived Delta 9 THC

0 Carbs 0 Calories 0 Alcohol 0 Sweetness

3 Flavors Available: Lime, Blood Orange, Kiwi Strawberry

Little Trees Sparkling Waters introduces a new way to elevate your mood and your mind! Little Trees blends the crisp, refreshing zip of sparkling water, luscious fruit aromas, and delicate flavorings with an uplifting boost of hemp-derived THC to enhance your mood without hangovers or empty calories. Made simply – using filtered water, US-grown, hemp-derived Delta 9 THC, and minimal flavorings – every batch of Little Trees is lab-tested for purity and quality. Enjoy the exhilarating effects of cannabis for every occasion and remember – the best way to view the world is from High among the Trees!