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Snacks and (Non-Beer) Drinks

OK — so we didn’t put a kitchen in the Tasting Room. Hey have you been to our pub? Tasted Chef Shane‘s cooking? We can’t compete with that.

We do, however, offer a number of snacks and non-alcoholic drinks. All locally sourced so you know they’re NC yummy.

Snacks $5


  • Rosa’s Cheddar Cheese Straws
  • Gone Jerky Beef Jerky
  • Brown Bear Rosemary Nut Mix
  • Chad’s Carolina Corn
  • Black Mountain Chocolate Artisan Bars (Sea Salt, Espresso)

Non-alcoholic beverages $3

Sunshineroot beer Cheerwinejuice boxagua

  • Buck O’Hairen’s Legendary Sunshine Ginger Berry
  • Uncle Scott’s Root Beer
  • Cheerwine (regular and diet)
  • Apple & Eve Juice
  • Bottled Water ($1.50)