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Being in our Loyalty Rewards Program is fun. Cause you get stuff! Stuff is fun!

Here’s the details:

Foothills loyalty program


  • We’ll instantly give you 100 points just for doing that…(and 100 points ON YOUR BIRTHDAY!) I know, ridiculously generous. To start earning additional rewards, you have to earn 200 points to get $10 in rewards! Let the fun begin!
  • It’s super simple – just give your server or beertender your phone number to earn points or use your rewards!
  • Next time you’re in the pub (or the tasting room) (or Footnote) lean in very conspiratorially to your server and say, “I joined. I’m loyal.” An accompanying wink might add drama. Your call. Then give ’em your digits and you’re ready to PARTY!

So now you’re saying . . . “what exactly do I get?” All business. I like that.

  • You’ll earn a point for every dollar you spend!
  • Every 200 points earns you $10 on your account. We’ll even give you 100 points on your birthday. ‘Cuz we’re awesome and thoughtful like that.
  • Points can be redeemed anytime for food, beer, merchandise, or a joke from the bartender. Wait, never mind, those are free!

Wanna check your current points balance?


So be one with us. Be loyal.
Or don’t. Whatever.


“Hey you mug.”

Sorry, we just like quoting old gangster movies. So here’s the deal, Mugsy:

  • 49 bucks and you’re in for life. It’s like being a made guy.
  • You get a cool Foothills t-shirt (of your choice) and a 20 oz. mug every time you order a beer. Do the math – that’s 4 extra ounces for the price of a pint. Pretty sweet.
  • You also get 20% our fantastic food every Monday. It’s a little like stealing from us. You hoodlums.

Hey – never go against the family. Stop by the pub and sign up for Mug Club today.