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“I was wondering…” Well wonder no more. Here are reasonably accurate and sporadically amusing answers to many of the questions we get.

Where are you located?

Our downtown brewpub is at 638 West 4th Street in Winston-Salem, NC, and is open 11am-12am 7 days a week. Except Thanksgiving and Christmas. And, quite possibly, any time our community gets a fraction of an inch of snow.

Our main brewing facility is at 3800 Kimwell Drive in Winston-Salem, NC. There we have a 28-tap Tasting Room (opened in April 2015) staffed by knowledgeable, friendly beer enthusiasts like yourself. Talk enough trash and they might take you on in cornhole. Tasting Room hours: Mon-Thurs 3-10p, Fri-Sat 12-10p, Sun 12-8p

Our newest location, Footnote Coffee and Cocktails, is located next door to our downtown pub at 634 W. 4th Street, Ste. #120. Part coffee roasterie, part hip urban cocktail lounge, part cool event space with enough space for 250 of your closest friends. It’s open Mon-Thurs 8am – 9pm, Fri-Sat 8am-11pm, Sun 10am-5pm.

Do you give brewery tours?

We’ve indefinitely suspended brewery tours for now, due to health restrictions. We hope to start them up again soon. When we do you can see our palatial 48,000 square-foot home on Saturdays and Sundays at 3pm.

Conversely, once we begin tours again, if you want to see behind the curtain at the downtown brewpub, there’s usually someone around who will give you a peek if you ask nicely.

Otherwise sign up for our Beer School.

Can I have a party there?

We like to think we always have a party here. Oh you’re talking about YOUR party. Yes! Parties, rehearsal dinners, catering, group brewery tours, wedding receptions . . . we do it all. Just submit a private event request, tell us what you want to do and how many people with which you’d like to do it and we’ll get you all hooked up!

ARE your PLACES dog-friendly?

We love dogs! And most of their humans. Feel free to bring your (leashed) dog with you when you come visit. Water bowl cheerfully provided.

Do you have public wi-fi?

Yes, at all locations. Complete with complimentary NSA scrutiny.

Where can I find your beer?

Draft: Besides Footnote, our downtown brewpub and tasting room, our beer is available on draft at select locations throughout NC, SC, VA, WV, Washington DC and eastern TN.

Bottles/Cans: Again, at Footnote, our downtown brewpub and tasting room (seeing a pattern here?). Also, our beer is available in 12-oz. bottle and/or can six packs, twelve packs and 15-packs, in most grocery stores and bottle shops in North Carolina. Select brands are also available in 19.2 oz. cans. In addition, we’re widely distributed in South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, and Washington DC, with some distribution in Eastern Tennessee.

For more specifics, check out our Beer Finder.

How can I tell how fresh my beer is?

Fresh beer is the best beer. That’s why we stamp each bottle with the date it was filled at our brewery. The “code length” on our beer is generally 90 days. It doesn’t go bad after that, but it’s best consumed within 3 months of bottling.

Found some out-of-date beer? Let us know here.

I don’t live where your beer is distributed; how can I get some?

Get a really long straw. Seriously, federal and local laws prohibit shipping beer directly to consumers (awesome as we think you are). There are, however, several websites that do ship beer nationwide.

Why are you called Foothills?

Why not?

When do you release your seasonal beers?

(list subject to change)

Sexual Chocolate: February

Good Ship Wit: February

Oktoberfest: August

Pumpkin Ale: also August

Bourbon Barrel Sexual Chocolate: also also August

Frostbite Black IPA: November

Christmas Porter: Day after Thanksgiving

Foothills Stout: December

Bourbon Barrel People’s Porter: varies

Craft Happiness IPA Project: monthly (roughly)

We also have several limited releases throughout the year – best way to know about those is to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

How much beer do you make in a year?

The first year we were open, 2005, we brewed 800 barrels. We now make about 40,000 barrels annually (give or take a pint).

Can I buy kegs from you?

Yes. But you have to invite us to the party too. Just email our Tasting Room Manager Jade place an order. There will be a refundable equipment deposit added to the price of the keg. We supply only the beer and the keg pump; you have to supply everything else (ice, cups, keg container, beer pong balls, etc.).

I’m having an event, how do I ask for a donation?

Foothills is committed to giving back to the community that has given us so much. We review and consider all donation requests from established 501c3 organizations. Please understand we can’t fulfill every single request; we’d give away so much beer we’d go out of business and have to stand on the side of the road with a sign that reads “Will Work For Beer”. But visit our Donation & Special Orders page and submit a request to us, we’ll do our best to help within the guidelines we’ve established.


That depends. Are you a smart, cheerful, hard-working team player? If so then check out our Careers page.

What’s the secret to happiness?

Do what you can. Let the rest go. And have a beer.