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Beat Chef Shane: Chili Edition @ Tasting Room

Sunday, November 13, 2022
1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

at Foothills Tasting Room

Life needs beer… AND CHILI! Join us for the “hottest” event of the fall.

Amateur Chili Cooks from all over are invited to cook their best chili to beat Foothills Chef Shanes’ famous recipe. Bring it hot, bring it mild, with or without beans.

The winner will receive a framed trophy, large Foothills Growler ($75 value), bottle opener, 6-pack of our seasonal beer and a YEARS’ WORTH OF GROWLER REFILLS (one/week; total of 52 refills)! Now that’s A LOT of beer.

If you’re not a cook but love to eat chili, you are invited to come, taste and vote! Wristbands for chili tasting are $5 at the door on the day of the event.

We also have three famous foodies coming in to help judge including Michael Hastings from the Winston-Salem Journal, The Man Who Ate the Town and The Real Deal, Chef Jay Pierce. If you don’t want to be a chef or taste the chili, come hang out with us!

And since we know you’ll still be hungry, the Footmobile will be there during the event serving chili themed food. We will also have exclusive t-shirts available for purchase during the event!

*This event is for amateurs only; no restaurants, businesses, or promotions allowed*

How to enter as a chili cook (must sign up before November 10): 

  • Fill out contact form
  • Pay $15 buy in (if you sign up before Nov. 6, after Nov. 6 is $20 buy in)
  • Bring your own heating element (Foothills will run power)
  • Bring your own table
  • Tent (optional)
  • List of possible allergies
  • Bring enough chili for around 200 people *to taste*

How to be a chili taste tester: 

  • Pay $5 to receive a wristband (YOU MUST HAVE A WRISTBAND!)
  • Sign the waiver
  • Grab a beer to sip on
  • Enjoy a couple bites of each chili
  • Vote

How to win: 

  • Let the judges & crowd taste your chili
  • Have better chili than Chef Shane
  • Get the most votes

How the voting process works: 

  • We will have 3 professional foodies (counts as 60% of votes)
  • Anyone can sign up to try the chili (counts as 40% of votes)

Can you beat Chef Shane…?