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Elliot Strunk, Collage Artist Reception

Wednesday, January 18, 2023
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

at Footnote
Collage artist, Elliot Strunk aka Mixed Results is having his official opening!
“Our lives are layers of interactions, intersections and conversations with constant demands on our attention, money and appetites—different forms of consumption. What we eat. What we read. What we buy. What we see. These ideas find their way into my work.
I’m influenced by the design work of David Carson and Vaughan Oliver along with the collage art of Robert Motherwell and Mike McQuade.
This collage art is made using found objects and ephemera. Cardboard from a case of cat food. Trash found in a parking lot. Preselected colors from completed paint-by-numbers kits.
There is no master plan. What gets used is left to chance. It comes to me via mail, traveling and what I stumbled upon.”
– Elliot Strunk
Learn more about Elliot here: