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What’s on Tap at Foothills Tasting Room

tasting room tapsAlways know what’s on tap at Foothills Tasting Room!

Bookmark this page because it’s updated frequently with the year-round and seasonal beers that are on tap at Foothills Tasting Room on Kimwell Drive in Winston-Salem.

Check out the offerings on tap at our Downtown Brewpub and at Footnote

Updated 12:00pm, December 7

IPAs & Pale Ales

Lighter Side

Darker Side



  • Austin East- Pineapple
  • Austin East- Blood Orange
  • Austin East- Original

 * available in 6-packs and/or 12-packs and/or 15-packs to go
 ^ available in 19.2 oz. stovepipe cans to go
 + available in 22 oz. bottles to go