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Art at Footnote by Collage Artist, Elliot Strunk

Monday, January 9, 2023
All Day

at Footnote

Elliot Strunk – Collage Artist

Artist Website

  • Includes a larger series of work
  • More work being added



  • Work selected for international graphic design magazines including HOW, Print and Communication Arts
  • Profiles in Graphic Design USA as a Person to Watch
  • Design work in Library of Congress permanent collection and also included in 30+ books, publications and award shows including AIGA, Type Directors Club and LogoLounge


  • Born in 1973, Providence, Rhode Island
  • Grew up outside of Cleveland, Ohio. Took some art classes at Cleveland Institute of Art
  • Graduated in 1995 from Ohio University with BFA in Graphic Design. Curriculum included foundational fine arts classes (drawing, painting, ceramics, printmaking, photography)
  • Resident of North Carolina since 1996, Winston-Salem since 1998
  • Published online independent arts and literary magazine in the late 1990s (before tools like WordPress and devices like iPhones)
  • Founding board member of Triad AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts) chapter in 2010
  • Co-host of design and pop culture podcast “Two Designers Walk Into a Bar” since 2020
  • Pursuing collage work formally since 2020

Past Shows

Not having a history as a fine artist outside of personal dabbling, my shows are incredibly limited outside of my years in school. This is one of the reasons I’d like to learn more about exhibiting my work.

  • Reach: 50+ Years of Work by OHIO Graphic Design

  • Also participated in Artomat when it was first getting started
  • There may also be a show or two I’ve forgotten about

Artist’s Statement

Our lives are layers of interactions, intersections and conversations with constant demands on our attention, money and appetites—different forms of consumption. What we eat. What we read. What we buy. What we see. These ideas find their way into my work.

I’m influenced by the design work of David Carson and Vaughan Oliver along with the collage art of Robert Motherwell and Mike McQuade.

This collage art is made using found objects and ephemera. Cardboard from a case of cat food. Trash found in a parking lot. Preselected colors from completed paint-by-numbers kits.

There is no master plan. What gets used is left to chance. It comes to me via mail, traveling and what I stumbled upon.

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*Art will be in Footnote until all sold or March 9*