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Livin' & Lovin' for Dustin: Celebration of Life for Dustin Robertson

Sunday, April 16, 2023
1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

at Foothills Tasting Room

Though we are all grieving the loss of our dear friend Dustin, we’d like to invite you to take some time to celebrate the beautiful life he lived. We are hosting a celebration of life for Dustin Robertson on Sunday April 16th, beginning at 1 pm, at Foothills Tasting Room.

We are planning to celebrate Dustin’s life the way Dustin celebrated life! 

He was a strong member of our community, but more than that he was part of our Foothills Family. 

He was known to bring people together. He was known for his big smile and bigger laugh. Dustin was a rock for his people. He was always there to lend an ear to anyone who needed someone to talk to and a shoulder to lean on. He was always ready with advice and guidance when we needed it most or a joke to lighten the mood should things start to get heavy. Dustin was the life of the party and the star of the show. 

As we all know, Dustin was proud and loving father. He left two beautiful children among us. Present at his celebration will be a memory jar in which we invite guests to reminisce on a time in which Dustin helped you, gave you advice, or otherwise impacted your life in some way. If you have a picture you’d like to share we also invite you to bring a copy. 

We plan to create a book using these memories, photos, words of advice, and stories in which Dustin helped his people & left his beautiful mark on our world as a gift to his children when the time is right. It is our strongest belief that he would appreciate all of us for the part we shared in creating this memento for them. 

Dustin was also our resident bonfire host, and we plan to have a bonfire in his honor!We will light the fire at 3 pm. 

There will be live music by Eddie Clayton & Josh. There will be beer, cider, wine and non alcoholic beverages available for purchase as well as a food truck. If you’d like to bring a snacky food for sharing, you’re welcome to do so! 

If you have a song that reminds you of Dustin, please comment below. We are creating a playlist to share & would love to include a special song from each of you. 

Thank you for joining us in celebrating this wonderful human. We look forward to seeing all of you there. 🍻